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P0011 Code (list of those affected)

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dmow8 View Drop Down

Joined: 23-Mar-2008
Location: Wakefield, MA
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  Quote dmow8 Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Topic: P0011 Code (list of those affected)
    Posted: 26-Jan-2009 at 19:57
1. 2003 Wagon Auto
2. CEL ~11/15/2008
3. ~72,000
4. Replaced cam shaft adjusters on both banks with new model.
5. ~1,500.00
6. not under waranty- stupid f!#@$@#'in me was too cheap. VWoA picked up $1,500 on a $6,500 total repair.

Car was driving fine- no hesitation or performance loss at all. Had a temp sensor failure that I saw symptoms of- radiator fan running @ high speed when engine cool in november- thought the CEL would be a quick simple repair and got hit with this.

I considered going for an engine flush to try to kee the CEL off long enough to sell the car but convinced myself over many drinks that this repair would pay off in the end. I'm sure I'll be wrong some day.
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1tunafish View Drop Down

Joined: 02-Feb-2009
Location: Essex, MA
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  Quote 1tunafish Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 02-Feb-2009 at 18:24
2003 TIP
CEL 1/29/09
Dealer DRained Oil PAn and found sludge
35K Had Torque Converter Replaced Under WArranty

Typical CEL went flashing at slow speeds or idle very bumpy. Drove 5-6 miles home and had towed to dealer next day. P0011 Code came on dealer drained oil pan. Trying to figure out next step. Maybe a flush? Sea Foam? I don't know right now
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BuckUSean View Drop Down

Joined: 19-Sep-2007
Location: United States
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  Quote BuckUSean Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 19-Mar-2009 at 12:27
2003 Sedan/tip
CEL: 03/18/2009
83,000 miles
no service yet...
No Warranty, so far I'm only out for the $8.99 can of seafoam
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W8 a minute View Drop Down

Joined: 29-Jan-2009
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Posts: 9
  Quote W8 a minute Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 17-May-2009 at 00:27
2003 Sedan/tip
CEL: April 2009
48,000 miles
Replaced both banks under extended warranty
Lost the TC @ 43,000 miles

I've only put about 200 miles on it since.
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KarlMarx View Drop Down

Joined: 01-Apr-2007
Location: United States
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Posts: 50
  Quote KarlMarx Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 13-Aug-2009 at 17:53
1. 2003 Sedan Automatic Trans
2. 08/10/2009
3. 89,000
4. Dealer states engine needs to be pulled, referenced oil screen and cam adjusters / tensioners.
5. 0 (The car's going to be in the shop for the next 2 weeks or so, there's another W8 in there for the exact same thing...)
6. Aftermarket Warranty. Extended warranty is covering everything except 6 hours of shop time and about $250 in misc. parts. Shop said it was going to take 25 total hours of shop time to fix. Guess I should consider myself lucky I had an extended warranty...

I will post a picture of my receipt when I get it!

I really hope VWoA is looking at these posts...
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ThunderRoad View Drop Down
Senior Member
Senior Member

Joined: 24-Feb-2007
Location: Kensington, CT
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Posts: 132
  Quote ThunderRoad Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 17-Aug-2009 at 13:36
1. Beautiful Black 2003 Variant Auto
2. Code appeared on 8/1/2009 - rough engine symptom.
3. 71K miles

My VW Dealer (Crowley, Plainville, CT) made me guarantee payment on the cost of removing engine as my VW REAL DRIVER EXTENDED WARRANTY (SOLD BY VW DEALER) will not commit to paying without seeing a damaged part. Dealer estimates full repair to be around $7500.

8/3 Towed to Dealer
8/4 Dealer tried to flush system, no dice.
8/13 Warranty sends rep to view the codes. Says must remove engine to verify a part failure.
8/17 Dealer is taking out engine.
8/20 Engine is out, screen missing on one side...inspector being called to view/authorize repair. If all goes well, I'll have my car by 8/28.
8/27 Still no end in sight...guess there is some bickering about fluids being covered plus the techs only work m-w. On the plus side, got a Ford F150 rental for 10 days...lots of fun for me and the kiddies! On the neg side my 10 days will be up soon and still no w8!
9/2 W8 is finally repair just shy of portion was $375 for the $100 deductible plus Oil Flush & oil change. I'll post my parts list but it is fairly identical the the one just posted. Amazing our cars were in for exactly the same job during the same time/dates.

Edited by ThunderRoad - 03-Sep-2009 at 10:12
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GreatW8 View Drop Down

Joined: 19-Mar-2008
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  Quote GreatW8 Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 03-Sep-2009 at 10:06
1. 2004 wagon, Auto. Trans.
2. 07/22/2009
3. 75,000
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Dono86 View Drop Down

Joined: 20-Nov-2009
Location: Seattle, WA
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Posts: 1
  Quote Dono86 Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 20-Nov-2009 at 19:04
1. 2003 W8 Wagon w/ 5spd tip-tronic
2. September 2nd 2008, October 12th 2009
3. 75000
4. 08 Dealer performed Adjuster screen service, did NOT fix problem (crank was worn from having screens run through it) Warranty would not pay for 2nd rebuild, replaced motor with used motor w/ ~45k (the ticking time bomb) ran fine for ~12 months and a week. One week past VW 12 month 12k warranty on all used parts. At which point the car crawled to a stop and refused to start. Dealer wanted to drop motor and open cams, replace screens etc. for ~$7k in service (had warranty to pay for the used motor, but was out of warranty $$$ after that and torque converter) Had dealer change the oil after reading some success stories online, car then ran smooth at idle and clunky on driving. After seeing that improvement from just an oil change (there is NO engine flush equipment anywhere for W8's) I Towed the car home, and after extensive research went with AutoRX Fast-Track treatment. Dumped Syn oil and filled with Castrol GTX 5w-30 Conventional (As per AutoRX instructions, Syns esters will ruin AutoRX treatment) and 24oz (2 bottles) AutoRX. Allowed car to idle for ~2 hours. Drove up and down my dead end street at about 15mph, then to 25, then to 35 (about 10-20 minutes between speed increases). Ran that oil mixture for ~650 miles normal driving, dumped, refilled with just GTX 5w-30 per instructions, another 650 miles later i'm about to dump the conventional and go back to AMSoil 5w-40 Euro blend. Used just Fram filters throughout. First filter came out full of disgusting black sludge.

Feels like i just dodged a bullet, about to go buy a $3500 bullet proof vest (warranty) for future shoot-outs w/ my W8

5. 13k since used motor, 1.2k since oil treatment
6. Aftermarket warranty for 08, ~$450 in 09 for 1 dealer oil change and 2 home flushes + 4 bottles AutoRX, HIGHLY recommend the AUTORX! Going to put my W on the maintenance plan from now on!
2003 W8 Wagon
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veedub02 View Drop Down

Joined: 05-Dec-2007
Location: Nashville, TN
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  Quote veedub02 Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 08-Dec-2009 at 16:14
1. 2002 W8 Sedan w/ 5spd tip-tronic
2. Dec. 1, 2009
3. 77000
4. so far - seafoam ... running okay but I think I will put more in (only did 1/2 can) ... run for a couple hundred miles and do an oil change...
5. so far - about 100 miles
6. just the seafoam cost so far
-- 2002 W8
-- 1987 BMW 325i Convertible
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JimmyPringles View Drop Down
Senior Member
Senior Member

Joined: 12-Dec-2006
Location: Queens, NYC
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  Quote JimmyPringles Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 14-Jan-2010 at 22:47
1. 2004 6MT Wagon
2. 12-22-09
3. 27,153
4. Cleared code, changed oil (was due anyway...I still do it every 3000)
5. 200 miles (no issues)
6. Cost: $75.00 for supplies for an oil change.

Basically (like a dummy) accelerated my car hard (in bad traffic getting on a highway), before it came up to operating temp on a very cold day (about 20F). Didn't immediately notice a CEL at the time as I was heading out to do some Xmas shopping and traveling for a bit at 60mph. Wasn't until I returned to my car from some shopping, that I started it and had a noticeable rough idle (almost like a misfire), car was warm by this time, so wasn't bad, but at this point noticed the CEL. Drove it around the rest of the day, and my exhaust tone sounded noticeably different (remember I have Magnaflows with no mid-muffler) too but it didn't effect the drivability of the car in anyway.

Next morning started my car cold, and while idling it sounded like a 60's Hot Rod with a severe "lob". Once it warmed up, it noticeably changed/got better but was still there. Mind you my inspection was about to expire the end of the month, so I was like "just great!". Because it was the holidays, I couldn't get it scanned anytime within the next few days, so I just drove it, and drove i like a bat outta hell everywhere I went. Finally got it scanned and of coarse it was P0011. Rather than panic though, I though in the back of my mind that the code with "over advanced cam adjuster", could simply have a lot to do with the fact that I accelerated hard on a cold cold day before the oil had a chance to heat up & thin out. I basically forced a sludgy oil thru the system, and possibly blew the "screen" out that we hear so much about, but I think it was more just the oil being too cold & thick.

Anyway, changed the oil & cleared the code cuz I needed to get it inspected. Spent some time, mileage, and gas driving the car to get all the "readiness codes" ready for this is usually the point where if there is truly a problem, the CEL will return. All the readiness codes came up perfect (have to in NY to pass for 2004 & above vehicles) and the CEL did not return. Got the car inspected just fine, although getting all the readiness codes ready is another story/PITA.

Edited by JimmyPringles - 14-Jan-2010 at 22:55
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