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Bad W8 week

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Topic: Bad W8 week
Posted By: gods_dad
Subject: Bad W8 week
Date Posted: 15-Apr-2009 at 18:47
No, in fact, make that bad W8 ownership experience so far.

I'm sorry to have a moan, but in some ways I regret buying the car.

I have had mine for around 2 months and had 4 visits to the main dealership and bills for nigh on £1,000. (Having done around 600 miles in the car)

I have had issues with the coil pack on cyl 1, the inlet manifold, the injector seals, the fans running constantly, the temp sensors and now another mysterious missfire which it is back in the dealers for.

I realise that it is a rare car and all that, but I am finding it to be less reliable (By far) than many far older cars that I have had / still have.

I set off (After picking it up from the dealers) on a 580 mile round trip and ended up limping home after getting 70 miles from home and having to take it back to the dealers and do the trip in a hire car.

I am fairly p*ssed off with the car now and wish I had bought a 540 sport instead which was my other choice.

Rant over and sorry to negative, but at the moment, that's the only experience I have had.

Posted By: Jukes Dub8
Date Posted: 15-Apr-2009 at 19:38
Unfortunately I'm with you gods dad. I absolutely love my car but it is so utterly frustrating that I've had issue after issue since buying this car 3 months ago. I just got my car back from the dealership where they "fixed" my mass air flow sensor and spark coils from cyl 2 and 4. Before that I had issues with my Secondary Air as well having to replace the fuel injector. What put me over the edge was after I got my car back from the dealership and on the way to the hospital where my wife was going into labor the check engine light came on again. I almost ripped my hair out. I know these aren't major issues but Its problem after problem. Its like the car lives to throw codes!!
I'm sorry to bitch a little, If I didn't love the car as much as I do I'd be selling it, but I'm trying to come up with justifications to keep it. The wife thinks I'm crazy but what would replace such a fine machine.

03 G-Wagon Blue/Grey Tip/Sport

Posted By: Quantum Start
Date Posted: 16-Apr-2009 at 08:05
Today is day 59 and I see no light in fact I don't even see a tunnel.

02 W8 Wagon Teal w/pearl grey
05.5 Jetta 2.5 Black w/tan

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