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Forum Maintenance

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Category: Registration
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Topic: Forum Maintenance
Posted By: spinner
Subject: Forum Maintenance
Date Posted: 25-Feb-2014 at 14:18
Hi guys.

This forum is looooong overdue for some maintenance and updates.

I have a plan to update the forum-software to the latest version.

Unfortunately that will mean we'll have to say goodbye to the shoutbox I've created.

Instead there's a chat-room feature in the new version, that I don't really know how works.

I do know, though, that it's something you actively have to open, whereas the shoutbox is just there.

I also know that the shoutbox isn't very stable, but I don't really have to time to work on it.

So, basically, I'm giving you two choices here:

1) Upgrade the forum to the latest version. There's a ton of fixes and small features in there, ie. tablet/mobile layout.

2) Keep version as is and keep the shoutbox as is.

The upgrade is $90, so I won't do it, if people would actually prefer to keep the shoutbox.

Should probably mention that I'm also looking into converting the forum into a free forum software.

Let me know what you think.

Posted By: Superman
Date Posted: 25-Feb-2014 at 15:45
One thing that I liked about this forum over the others is that the software is different. I also like that it is advert free.

We could all chip in and pay to get the upgrade, which probably needs to be done for security reasons as well. My main concern would be that there is an up-to-date back-up so that we never lose any data.

The shout box is cool but I think we could do without, it doesn't display on my phone correctly anyway.

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Posted By: srdavis872
Date Posted: 25-Feb-2014 at 17:04
My biggest complaint with the forum IS the software. It's an odd ball, probably because on the back end it's a little wonky. The SPAM features obviously don't work since I now manually register everyone because we were having so many problems. I do think that the update adds better security. I know moving from one software to another can be tricky, but I think phpBB is the best out there as far as over all functionality, and it's free. I'm admin on forums that use Web Wiz (this forum), Simple Machines, and phpBB and phpBB has been the least troublesome. This forum is slow enough where I'm ok manually registering everyone, but it would be nice to be able to have automatic registration again. In the end, I'm ok with any option, they all have their upsides.


Posted By: Superman
Date Posted: 26-Feb-2014 at 00:48
There are other forums that I am on that use phpBB, vBullentin, and Invision Board........ so, I'm cool with what ever. I'm willing to adapt, an upgrade will insure security of the database.

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Posted By: spinner
Date Posted: 27-Feb-2014 at 15:32
I wrote a lot of yadi-daa only to have it deleted when I tried to post it, so here's a short version:

I'll be trying to do a conversion to phpBB sometime soon, to see how many problems it's actually causing - my concern right now, is that all passwords will be invalidated, so it's important that all users e-mail addresses are correct, so they can receive new ones.

I appreciate that you're willing to chip in on the costs. I had actually thought about adding a Google Ad previously but decided not to, as I don't really like the idea. Also, I'm not looking to profit in any way on this forum but it would be nice to cover some of the costs.

Who knows, maybe I'll add a Donate-button sometime, then people can put a tip in the jar, if they feel like it.

Anyway, will get back when I know some more about the conversion.

All your input is really appreciated, so please keep it coming :)


Posted By: srdavis872
Date Posted: 27-Feb-2014 at 15:43
Having URLs automatically convert to hyperlinks would be nice. And having a button in the quick reply for images would be nice also. Just some other things that have always bugged me about this forum.


Posted By: Superman
Date Posted: 27-Feb-2014 at 18:12
We should, at a minimum, update the software here; if not able to convert it to another, and I am more than willing to help pay for the costs rather than have adverts everywhere.

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Posted By: Goofy
Date Posted: 27-Feb-2014 at 20:38
I don't post a lot but I check the site almost every day, I'd be happy to chip in a yearly "subscription" or whatever. FWIW another forum I go on has just switched to Xenforo and it's pretty good from a user point of view.

How many active members are there on the site? Is there a way Admin can tell?

Posted By: Superman
Date Posted: 28-Feb-2014 at 04:03
It would be cool if the new software had the gallery or garage feature with it.

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Posted By: Superman
Date Posted: 25-Mar-2014 at 07:59
The "Tapatalk" would be a good feature too. -

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Posted By: R32Viper
Date Posted: 28-Mar-2014 at 02:06
Hey guys long time, this forum is the best of all I have seen. I'm also willing to help donate, to keep the forum as pure as it has been. Spinner you got my support which ever the decision, and thanks for keeping the forum alive.

Posted By: Superman
Date Posted: 30-Apr-2015 at 10:49
It looks like to get the full upgrade and top performance it is less than $400 a year. -

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