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Fuel Pump

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Topic: Fuel Pump
Posted By: SeaHunt
Subject: Fuel Pump
Date Posted: 11-May-2017 at 08:04
Can anyone help with the part number for a fuel pump.
and is there any pictures of what it looks like?


Posted By: Superman
Date Posted: 12-May-2017 at 02:33 -

------------- -

Posted By: eddycooper
Date Posted: 12-May-2017 at 16:48
I'll bet the basic pump in there is a standard item that can be purchased separately, not as an assembly. You'd have to take it apart and see if there are any markings on the pump.

Posted By: SeaHunt
Date Posted: 14-May-2017 at 01:38
got one from hans auto parts

Posted By: SeaHunt
Date Posted: 25-May-2017 at 00:11
do our cars have 2 fuel pumps??

Posted By: JayTheSnork
Date Posted: 25-May-2017 at 00:52
three fuel pumps.

Posted By: SeaHunt
Date Posted: 25-May-2017 at 04:17
wtf...are they all in the tank?
why so many?


Posted By: JayTheSnork
Date Posted: 25-May-2017 at 12:39
3 fuel tanks, one per tank.

Posted By: orangeokie
Date Posted: 26-May-2017 at 04:03
Check out pages 17-19 for a description of the two fuel tanks and the purpose of the three pumps. - W8 Fuel System


Posted By: SeaHunt
Date Posted: 28-May-2017 at 12:10
thank you

Posted By: eddycooper
Date Posted: 04-Jun-2017 at 18:08
Has anyone figured out the part numbers of all three pumps? I've gone through the ETKA a few times and all I can find is the main pump and a "suction jet" pump. Maybe my ETKA is missing some pages or something.

Main Tank Pump: 3B7906087B
Suction Jet Pump: 4B0201865A
Third Pump: ???

Posted By: SeaHunt
Date Posted: 06-Jun-2017 at 00:41

Posted By: SeaHunt
Date Posted: 06-Jun-2017 at 00:42
i was told by vw australia that the suction jet pump is replaced with a new fuel tank ????

Posted By: GS535i
Date Posted: 17-Jul-2017 at 15:12
Only of incidental interest, but my main fuel pump just died, so p/n 3BF 906 087 B is on order ( Rock Auto, a Spectra SP5050M).

It would have been nice had the pump died instantly .... but it was a slow, lingering death that stranded me twice: the first symptoms were a slight 'miss' - followed 15Km later by quitting completely; however, no codes thrown, either via OBD II or Vag-Com. When towed home, the car restarted the next day, still with a miss ( like a plug/coil pack with an intermittent connection. Regardless, that indicated that pump wiring and fuse were OK - relay??? or pump?? Also, I pulled the vac line to the fuel pump regulator, and it was dry ( ruptured diaphragm kills pressure, and leaks fuel into the vac line)

Replaced relay #409, still a miss ---- pulled pump head to check internal wiring, and all OK. Then ran straight 12V to the pump and ran it for 2 hours on recirculation, followed by reconnecting the harness and ran on idle & short drives for an hour .... ran well, so back on the road - until the pump absolutely quit 2 days later ( another tow home ;) )
Intermittent electrical gremlins are the worst .... and while the first instinct was a pump failure, there are so many other things to check out first - and all of them cost less than a $500 pump!

03 Variant W8 silver on black TIP
00 Variant white 1.8T 5sp
96 993 C4S midnight blue/cashmere
90 535i blk/blk 5sp
928 5sp

Posted By: SeaHunt
Date Posted: 26-Jul-2017 at 06:55
Yes..mine took a little while to die..I replaced the pump and it was off running again :)

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